Metal and Wood Manufacturing

Besides plastics or synthetics, metal and wood are the most common building materials used in manufacturing. Not only are household objects made of these substances, but most of the tools used in major manufacturing processes are made out of metal or wood as well.

Compared to the age of the earth, man has only been shaping metal into advanced tools for a short amount of time. Even after the first people to use metal ore began fashioning tools, they were crude and basic. Up until a little over a century ago, man wasn’t even using metal to harness, transfer, or store the power of electricity. Today, mankind is building skyscrapers that pierce the clouds.

Chances are that you won’t be building a skyscraper in your backyard. This site is dedicated to educating readers on some of the more common manufacturing processes that involve metal and examples of said processes that most of us take for granted.

molten metal emerging from machinery.

Pros and Cons of Each

As human beings, we are learning to create almost anything we can imagine (or at least a facsimile of such). If you’re looking for new household items, thinking about starting a do-it-yourself project, or are just curious about the differences between wood and metal chairs, this section is for you. On this page, you can read up on the advantages and disadvantages of metal and wood in the manufacturing of common objects.

material being ground

Wood Manufacturing

When most of us hear the word “manufacturing,” we think of large factories that contain large machines that sort out various parts of objects that are put together in assembly lines. Many of us now envision machines not only sorting these parts, but also constructing them. In this section you can read about some of the ways wood is used in manufacturing. As technology advances, people are becoming more creative in the ways that they shape the world around them.

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